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French Wines & Spirits
Combine the best and most appropriate wines and dishes from the best regions!

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Dordogne SudOuest1 Bordeaux Lorraine ChampagneSud ChampagneNord Calvados VindeLaLoireOuest Sud Ouest Armagnac Bearn2 Roussillon Languedoc Provence Rhone Beaujolais BourgogneSud BourgogneNord BourgogneEst ArboisVin Savoie SavoieSud Alsace Bugey Indres LoireEst Cognac Auvergne


French Wines and Spirits is obviously a map of France that displays wine producing regions with their related name. The left column navigation showa the names of wine producing regions. The map shows all the regions. The column you are reading would normally include data about French wine production.

The site was initally a course capstone project for Dr. Torguson's Course MGIS 507, while completing my master of sciences at Saint Cloud State University, and before I learned better website development technics. Thus, site relies on static maps drawn on ESRI ArcMap and enhanced with Adobe Illustrator. The site encompasses Double Rolleover JavaScripts. Rolling over the left navigation column, the name of region's background changes from red to black while highlyting the corresponding area of France. Similarely, rolling over the map, the mouse pointer isolates the selected area of France and changes the background color of the regions name.

This site, which keeps some of the original work, is intended to show my learning curve.

This demo site includes multiple technologies which are divided into six sections separated by a beige line. :

The index, France and Bourgogne pages are examples of why I completed a full stack development boot camp. The codes work, but are nasty! Codes are client-side only, and mostly embedded into the html pages. Site maintenance is complicated by the number of html pages and redundant codes.

The Bordeaux and Bugey pages are examples of bootstraps.